According to your e-commerce website, which is likewise to the stores in the malls where their first impression is the matter. An amazing website display will attract customers to the site and delivering the best quality product will encourage them to browse and buy. The stores that are disorganized will discourage the customers and that will leads to the loss in sales. Here, In this blog describes how to grow your E-commerce Website Development.

An e-commerce website is different from other websites. It has additional features including payment options, page load speed, design, site architecture, SSL Configuration. You need a platform that supports sufficient server resources, your site slows down or crash.

In this paragraph, we discuss the 7 steps to grow your e-commerce website development. In case if you are building or re-developing your e-commerce website, here are tell the elements to keep in mind that will help you to develop it successfully. Firstly we are discussing the Right platform And Functional Theme.

  1. Right platform And Functional Theme

A platform is the basis of your business. When according to e-commerce website development, choose the best platform such as BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, or others that can handle your expectations for the future.

Once you have chosen a platform, the next crucial choice is your theme. You need one that:

  • Is visually appealing
  • Customizable to your brand
  • Loads quickly
  • Responsive
  • Works on all browsers

This the customers interact with your site. It must look good and perform well.

2. SEO And Site Performance

PageRank is still a criterion for traffic. Use proper SEO and search marketing so that your pages receive a higher rank and shoppers reach you.

Moreover, the site performance and page load speed also make a big difference to your UX and Google’s ranking. Impatient shoppers leave slow sites easily. One statistic says 40% of shoppers leave if the page takes longer than 3 seconds to load. And also page load speed for mobile devices has become part of Google’s algorithm for ranking pages.

In conclusion, the line is that faster loading pages gives a better user experience, and that’s best for everyone.

3. Mobile Customers with Responsive Website Design

It seems like a no-brainer to have every web page optimized for mobile, but there are still thousands of merchants still tied to old themes and websites that only display properly on a desktop. So, mobile users need to be able to search, browse, and buy right from their phones and other devices without hassle.

4. Security Is Critical for Trust and Data Safety

Trust between the customer and owner takes time to build and is critical for business. One important improvement that builds trust is to have every page is encrypted using HTTPS protocol, not just the payment information pages. Customers rightly expect you to keep their personal data safe.

Of course, payment information and transactions require high security. If you accept credit cards, then your site must be PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant.

And, for more security, don’t store vital data like credit card information on your company’s website. If your system gets hacked, or you become liable.

5. Limit Your Product Selection and Offer Site Search

Offering too many choices to your customers can inhibit sales. Buyers have decisions that will delay when overloaded with too many options. They will walk away rather than decide. Here are some ways to overcome this issue:

  • Serve your customers better by limiting products to your site.
  • Pre-select the best products. Limit their choices to two or three top products even though there may be twenty out there.
  • Smooth your checkout process with as few clicks as possible. Each additional click or form field reduces the opportunity for a completed sale.

Always include a site search that is fast, reliable, and scalable. 30% of visitors use site search. It’s a critical component for every e-commerce site.

Don’t use the default search engine that you can find on most sites. Purchase a robust, third-party search engine and that provides customers with as many filters as possible to quickly narrow their search.

However, if you are using detailed product descriptions using focusing keywords that will lead the search engine to find the products faster.

6. Include Quality Pictures and Videos

Like it or not, 10 seconds is always the time consumers will give you. At that moment, you must straight to the point, and grab their attention, also keep them on your page until you can explain it in greater detail.

Most importantly, the photos have a great impact and that is a perfect solution for grabbing attention and the video keeps that attention. The key to success is having including attractive photos and Videos.

 On the other hand, Videos can tell a complete story that photos can’t. Try and add as many product videos as possible. One retailer said that conversions are 144% higher than from the shoppers who watched a product video than those that didn’t.

7. Create a Painless Transaction

If you have done everything clear so far. The main distraction in a transaction that will occur is mentioned below:

  • Unexpected shipping costs
  • No clear return policy
  • Certain payments not accepted

How can you prevent this distraction from happening?

The first thing is to post your shipping fees and policies on the home page and product pages. It will eliminate any obstruction.

If your platform restricts payment types, it’s time to upgrade. You should be able to process international credit and banking cards, online payment gateways like PayPal and Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay.

One significant barrier to a fast sale needs your customers to “sign up” or have an account before they can purchase. Use a guest checkout form to overcome this obstacle.

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