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Shopify POS is an application that will help integrate your online store and offline store to offer your customers a better shopping experience. Adding a Shopify POS system is what you need to hoist your physical store to a higher level and make a better shopping experience by consolidating the best components of online and in-person selling regardless of where your store turns out to be. Shopify POS system can be made available on both iOS and Android devices. It has all the features to manage customers, sales, orders, inventory, and performance tracking.

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Features of Shopify POS

POS or Point of Sales means sale at the point it happens. Why do we have to make sales in a physical location when the whole point of Shopify was to take your business online and make it more successful? Most of the customer like to have a personal touch when buying products. With the Shopify POS app, your customers will have a personal shopping experience and at the same time, it makes the sales process much easier.


Omnichannel Selling:

Shopify POS offers a flexible shopping experience for customers online and in-store. Shopify POS allows discounts to apply automatically for both online and in-store purchases. With this, customers can buy online and pick up the order from the physical store, make returns and exchanges for online purchases in any retail store, and make in-store purchases to ship to their address.


You will get the full benefits of Shopify Payments. Shopify POS enables you to track orders and payments and allows a complete view of your finances in one place. You can also track credit or debit card payments made using third-party payment providers in the Shopify POS app. Shopify POS also accepts split payments (credit card and cash or multiple credit cards), partial payments, gift cards, and other payments types (checks, IOUs, or gold coins).


Shopify provides compatible hardware like barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers, etc. for you to set up a competent Shopify POS system. You can download and install Shopify POS mobile app on your iOS or Android devices and can use it as a portable POS.


Shopify POS app’s smart grid structure ensures speedy checkout by keeping the products, discounts, apps, and features at your fingertips. Taxes are also calculated automatically at checkout. Shopify POS permits functionalities such as mobile checkout, custom discounts, refunds, and exchanges for past online or in-store purchases, etc

Smart Inventory Management:

Shopify POS allows for organized inventory management. You can add an unlimited number of products and variants. You can also keep track of the status of your inventory as products are received, transferred, or an order is fulfilled. Shopify POS allows you to allocate inventory to multiple locations like various online sales channels, warehouses, retail stores, etc. You will be able to analyze product sales on various locations and low-stock products with detailed inventory reports.

Customer Management:

Shopify POS helps you transform your customers into your brand advocates. Customer profiles can be easily created and can save their contact information. You can easily view customer contact information from the POS app and can call, e-mail, or send an SMS. You can keep track of customer’s in-order and online order history and special requests from customers.

Being the leading Shopify development company, we offer our assistance and guidance in the Shopify POS integration so that merchants can manage their sales in one place and improve their customer’s shopping experience.


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