WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms due to its ease of use and flexibility. In order to drive more traffic, sales and profits from your WooCommerce store, you will need to invest time and resources into finding the best WooCommerce plugins that cater to your specific needs. In WooCommerce there are many different plugins available, so it can be challenging to identify which ones will have the biggest impact on your online store.

1. Shipping plugin

If you’re looking to enhance your shipping process, then a shipping plugin can be a great place to start. Depending on the particular shipping plugin you choose, you can expect to find features such as tracking, coupon codes, rate tables, and much more. Some of the most popular shipping plugins are given below.

  • WooCommerce ShipStation Gateway
  • ELEX WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin
  • WooCommerce Advanced Shipping
  • WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugin
  • Table Rate for WooCommerce

2. Product Review plugin

A product review plugin is a must-have for your WooCommerce store to increase the sales of your products and overall trust in your brand. The product review plugin allows your customers to leave product reviews from within their browsers. This means customers do not have to leave your store to leave a review.

  • TargetBay
  • YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews
  • WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Product Reviews for WooCommerce Pro

3. Product Alert plugin

Are you looking to enhance your customer experience, then a product alert plugin can be a great way to do so. The product alert plugin allows customers to set up alerts so that they are notified when a product they are interested in purchasing is restocked or goes on sale.

  • Back-In-Stock Notifications
  • YITH WooCommerce SMS Notifications
  • Advanced Notifications
  • YITH Live Push Notifications for WooCommerce
  • Live Sales Notifications for WooCommerce

4. Order Management plugin

If you want to enhance your order management process, then an order management plugin can be a great place to start. The order management plugin allows you to better track and monitor your orders, as well as offer services such as order splitting and merging.

  • WooCommerce After The Order
  • Order Coupon Subscription Export Import for WooCommerce
  • Advanced Orders Export For WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Order Status Manager
  • YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status

5. WooCommerce SEO plugin

If you’re running an online store, you will likely understand that SEO is becoming an increasingly important aspect of running an online business. A WooCommerce SEO plugin will allow you to optimize your product pages to increase their SEO ranking.

  • Rank Math
  • All-in-One SEO
  • WooCommerce SEO by WordLift
  • Yoast WooCommerce SEO
  • WP-Backlinks

6. Geo-location plugin

Through the geolocation plugin, you can easily increase the foot traffic to your physical store, you can offer customers the option of “click and collect” purchases from their online store. This can be easily done by using a geolocation plugin. A geo-location plugin allows customers to select a pick-up location when they place their order. This plugin will then show the same item in the selected store.

  • WooCommerce Geolocation Plugin
  • WooCommerce All-in-One Currency Converter
  • Price By Country
  • Dokan Geolocation
  • WooCommerce Local Delivery

7. Print-on-demand plugin

To offer your customers more customizability, then a print-on-demand plugin can be a great way to do so. A print-on-demand plugin allows customers to create personalized products such as t-shirts, mugs, and more.

  • CustomCat
  • Printify
  • Scalable Press
  • Printful
  • Printrove


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