The advantages of e-commerce

Recently, there has been a noticeable rise in the percentage of online shopping. With more
customers, this percentage has been increasing as time goes by. Customers, organizations, as well as
society, are getting great benefits from E-Commerce. To illustrate, in the past years when
traditional marketing systems used to prevail, customers wasted lots of time and energy commuting
to the physical shops to do their conventional shopping. With the advent of e-marketing, customers
can give up on the usual exhausting trip to the supermarket to purchase the desired goods. Shopping is much easier with web-enabled computers, laptops, or mobile devices. This unconventional
shopping allows customers to do shopping everywhere while sitting comfortably in their house
. Now, the question remains of why we notice such an interest in online

The rise of interest in online shopping has a bunch of reasons. The most common one is the fact that
this shopping is enjoyable for both customers and merchants. It is called a win-win situation where
both parties are getting benefits. Below is a summary of the

classification of e-commerce benefits.

The main classifications for the benefits of e-commerce

• Advantage to the customer
• Advantage to the organization
• Advantage to the society

Benefits of E-commerce to the customers.
Buying 24/7 all year long
E-commerce stores are available at all times. Customers can shop at all hours of any day during the
year. In this case, customers, especially those who do not usually have time on their hands to do
conventional shopping, can do any purchase anytime by visiting the website. Such websites
facilitate shopping due to their convenient design. For example, products are classified into
categories that help customers have fast orders. Moreover, this kind of shopping is perfect for
people who work long hours and are unable to find time to go to retail shops.

Being a very convenient way to do shopping, E-commerce has become the easiest and most popular
way of shopping. Products can be ordered anywhere on the planet with just a simple tap on the
mobile device connected to the Internet. With such an easy way, consumers
effortlessly pick merchandise from various sources with no physical constraint.

Time is money! With the benefit of being fast, E-commerce has facilitated the buying/selling
procedures. A key advantage of cyber shops is saving time. In other words, while shopping online,
customers would not need more than 15 minutes to perform their purchase. Add to that, providers
are so careful as to deliver the products to customers’ doorsteps within a week.
Comparison in prices
In a normal conventional store, customers might get lost while wandering from one aisle to another
browsing for merchandise. However, with e-commerce services, clients can search the merchandise
categories, or they take advantage of the webpage’s search tool and can, in no time, find the desired

Benefits for the companies
No Geographical Limitations
Conventional shops impose limitations on providers which are always costly and inaccessible. For
example, if customers need to get a certain item from Beirut and they live in Tripoli, they will have to drive and waste more money in order to get what they need. A company can
effortlessly find additional clientele, top dealers, and appropriate corporate associates throughout
the world.
E-Commerce businesses have significantly lower operational costs and better quality of services, in
comparison to the actual stores. There is no staff to employ and recompense, no rent, and a
reduced fixed operating expenditure.
Increasing efficiency of companies
E-commerce benefits from the “pull” type of supply administration. In this type of management, a
business procedure begins at the moment a demand originates from a client and utilizes a ‘just in
time manufacturing’ method. This makes the company conduct business transactions faster and at
lower operational costs, increasing company efficiency.

Advantages for the Society.
Customers do not need to move from one place to another to do their shopping. This process
results in less transportation on streets and reduced air pollution
It reduces the pricepoint range of items due to less fixed expenditures, so consumers with lower
incomes are also able to buy items.
It aids governments in delivering communal services. For example, medical charges, schooling fees,
and communal service industries can be obtainable to citizens with less cost and more developed

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