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One of the most popular options for selecting a platform to launch your eCommerce business is BigCommerce. This self-hosted eCommerce CMS covers numerous essential requirements such as many built-in features, an easy-to-use dashboard, BigCommerce apps, etc. for what it takes to manage an eCommerce business effectively. Your store must offer a unique experience that improves consumer satisfaction and reduces the likelihood that they will abandon their order if you want to beat the competition. BigCommerce app store offers a wide range of top-quality applications to solve your additional feature requirements. MAQ Commerce is a leading expert in BigCommerce app development and can help you find the best app for your functionality requirement and integrate them seamlessly into your online store. We also offer custom BigCommerce app development services to add extra functionalities that cannot be met by applications from the BigCommerce app store. We have a wealth of experience creating applications to control various business operations and utilities needed by BigCommerce stores.

BigCommerce 3rd party applications can help you build features that suit your unique business needs which have not been fulfilled by BigCommerce’s default features. It will definitely increase your eCommerce earnings and convert more customers. Sometimes, relying solely on the pre-built apps available in the BigCommerce app store may seem like the best course of action. But as your business grows and scales, you will find that your ability to offer customers unique experiences will be constrained. Our BigCommerce custom app development can help you with that by building an application that is exclusive to your store. Specific issues or requirements of your online store can be addressed with the help of custom BigCommerce applications. With our BigCommerce app development expertise, we can either a robust custom BigCommerce application or help you integrate a suitable 3rd party application from the BigCommerce app store to improve the efficiency, sales, revenue, and profitability of your BigCommerce store.

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Benefits of Custom BigCommerce App Development

Utilizing custom BigCommerce applications maintain a great deal of relevance over pre-built and subscription-based apps offered on the BigCommerce app store, even though the fact that establishing the business requirements and cost might be an issue. MAQ Commerce offers affordable BigCommerce app development services to any business regardless of its size to accomplish its goals.


No Monthly Subscription

The majority of BigCommerce apps available on the market require monthly subscriptions. You might have to pay a one-time payment to have a custom BigCommerce app built, but it won't happen again.

Code Ownership

You will have total control over the app if you build a custom BigCommerce app for your online store. You won't need to be relying on a third-party software vendor and the future app updates will be entirely up to you. This also will be a unique solution to your requirements and help you stand out among competitors.

More Scaling Possibilities

The scalability of the BigCommerce app you are implementing in your store will be crucial to the growth of your business. You can have unlimited scalability and expansion possibilities with the aid of custom app solutions. It enables you to expand your target customer range without jeopardizing the ongoing business and user experience.

Option to Leverage BigCommerce Marketplace

Custom apps are advantageous for your own BigCommerce store, but they can also increase your income by being made available to other BigCommerce stores throughout the eCommerce marketplace. You can make recurring income when other stores use your apps to acquire similar functionality.
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